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PHP v7.2 EOL

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As of November 30, 2020 PHP version 7.2 has reached EOL (end of life) status which means there are no more new features OR security updates for this version. 

As of now, these are the following PHP versions supported:
7.3, 7.4 and 8.0

See for more details on this.

What does this mean for the website owner?
We strongly recommend that you are always using a supported version of PHP which is fully supported with security patches and it also helps to keep your website running faster and more efficient for you and your visitors.

Website owners should begin by checking which PHP version they are currently using and then begin testing. Your PHP version can be changed 'on the fly' using MutliPHP Manager in cPanel. You can change to a newer version, test and revert if needed, all without making a backup beforehand.

How do I check which version of PHP my website uses?
To find out which version you are currently using, login to your cPanel account and find the 'Software' section. Within, you will find a link for 'MultiPHP Manager'. Click it and the next screen will show you which version you are currently using and you can change the version here when you are ready.

What should I be looking out for when I change PHP versions?
Once you change your PHP version, test everything! Make sure you can login, all pages load, extensions work and theme looks correct. Test it out in multiple browsers just to make sure.

How do I upgrade?
To get started, make sure your website software is all up to date. This includes the core software (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Opencart, etc) along with your theme(s) and all extensions and plugins. For Wordpress, upgrading should allow you to run 7.4 at a minimum and possibly 8.0. For other software, check with the company to find out which version they support.

Will Evolve Hosting help me make the upgrade?
We can certainly assist in changing the PHP version you're using by opening a support ticket for technical support. However, if the coding for your website needs updating, either you or your website developer will need to run the appropriate upgrades before changing versions.

How long do I have to make these changes?
In order to give you enough time to make the necessary changes, we will continue to make PHP v7.2 available until July 1, 2021. At that time, you will need to make sure you are running one of the supported PHP versions.

If you have a VPS, you may run a non supported version of PHP, however, be aware that you are putting yourself and your website(s) at further risk of vulnerabilities and attacks from hackers.

Which version should I upgrade to?
If your software supports it, we suggest upgrading to 8.0 so that you don't have to make this change again, any time soon. If 8.0 is not supported, please upgrade to the highest supported version possible (7.3 or 7.4).

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