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When is the last time you reviewed the security of your business and/or personal website?

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If you’re like the majority, it’s very likely that you haven’t done much to make sure your website is secure from hackers. In today’s news, we’re always hearing of new cyber attacks on large businesses. What we
don’t hear much about are the attacks on smaller websites and what they did or didn’t have in place for security.

Over the years, we’ve seen that most website owners don’t know that they need a security tool or how to go about implementing one. With all of the confusion of competing products out there, it’s very easy to understand why most websites don’t have the security they need.

While every website is different, we feel we have a solution that is universal for every type and size website that can be tailored even further if needed. Evolve Hosting has partnered with a company called Astra
which has developed an AI (Artificial Intelligence) backed security to system that is easy to install and highly effective at keeping the bad guys away and the malware out of your files.

Astra is simple to install and for 95% of the websites out there, it’s as simple as installing a plugin or extension after you purchase a license through Evolve Hosting. There are no DNS changes or sophisticated configuration steps.

Once the plugin is enabled, Astra will begin scanning your files on a regular basis for Malware and if any malware is found, it will be removed. Astra also uses a sophisticated firewall that stops intruders from even accessing your website. In the Astra dashboard, you will be able to easy see the attempted attacks, where they come from and how Astra has stopped them.

To secure your website, it really doesn’t get any easier then this! Please reach out to us today so that we can help protect your website before an attack occurs.

Open a live chat at

Send us an email to

Call 303-900-5050

Act now for a free 2 week trial of Astra. During the trial, if malware is found, it will not be removed until you upgrade to a paid license.

If you like the service, we’ll get you signed up for a monthly or annual license. If you don’t like the service, simply let us know and we’ll deactivate the license.

For as little as $19.99 per month, you can know that you are protected from the bad guys!

Astra works on every website, no matter who your hosting provider is.

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