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Astra Firewall Rules

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  • 01/19/2022 12.57 PM

To get started, login to the Astra Dashboard

Once you're logged in, locate the domain that you want to customize the firewall for and click 'Threats'
Astra Dashboard Menu

The threats page will first show you a list of all of the threats that have been blocked and/or stopped.

As you scroll down, you'll first see the section to add a Custom Rule. This section allows you to allow (whitelist) or block (blacklist) an IP address or an IP address range. You can also add a note to remind you later of who the address belongs to. One example is to allow an IP address from Paypal to make sure the firewall never accidentally blocks it.
Astra Custom Firewall Rules

Added rules will appear right below this section and can be viewed and modified at any time.

As you scroll towards the bottom of the Threats page, you'll come to a section titled Exception List. Here you can whitelist specific URLs, HTML and JSON fields and more.
Astra Firewall Exception List

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