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Creating a Full cPanel Backup

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Backups of your cPanel account are crucial and it is your responsibility to create them. We do make off site backups available on selected dates for a fee to retrieve them.

Here are the steps to create a backup of your account:

1) Login to cPanel

2) Find the icon for Backup located in the Files section and click it.
Creating a cPanel backup

3) Under the heading 'Full Backup', choose the option to Download a Full Website Backup

Creating a cPanel backup

4) On the next screen, you will be prompted to choose where to save the backup and if you want to be notified when it has completed. Choose the Home Directory for the Backup Destination and enter your email address to be notified once it's completed.

Creating a cPanel backup

5) You can now access the zip file by logging into FTP and looking in the '/home/' directory or you can use the functions within cPanel if you need to restore any or all of the backup.

Please note that these backups will count toward your overall storage quota so you can either download the backups locally if you wanted to keep more than 1 or 2 days worth or delete the oldest backup after the newest one has been created.

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