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Domain Lock

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Domain Lock is a prevention tool to stop un requested attempts to transfer your domain. This feature should be enabled at all times unless you are transferring the domain.

Domain lock can be enabled / disabled within your account are found at

To begin, login to your account and navigate to Domains > My Domains

Once your list of domains appear:
Manage 1 Domain at a Time:
Click on the down arrow to the right and choose 'Manage Domain'. Find the link toward the left of your screen that says 'Registrar Lock'. The following screen will provide you with the option to enable this feature if it is not already. If it is already enabled, no further action is required.

Enable and Disable Registrar Lock

Bulk Manage Domains:
Check the boxes to the left of your domains, click the down arrow near the bottom of the page and click 'Registrar Lock Status'. On the following screen, click 'Enable Domain Lock'.

Enable and Disable Registrar Lock

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