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GoDaddy Domain Transfers

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How to transfer domains from Godaddy to Evolve Hosting

Our guide for helping you transfer your domains away from

It is best to take care of these steps first before you place an order with us but it can be done after you place an order with us. If you are ready to transfer your domain, go ahead and order your domain transfer here:

In order to be transferred, three things need to be true:
1) The domain is not already expired
2) The domain was not registered within the last 60 days
3) The domain was not transferred to your current registrar within the last 60 days

If these three things are true, you will be able to transfer your domain(s) to Evolve with no issues.

Visit the GoDaddy website and click “login” to to get started. Once you’re logged in, you’ll want to open the domain manager.

godaddy nameservers

Update Nameservers

If you're setting up your hosting with Evolve Hosting right now, it's best to update your nameservers PRIOR to starting a domain transfer. Click on 'Manage DNS' (as seen in the image above) and then click 'CHANGE' (shown in the image below) and enter the nameservers found in your 'Hosting Welcome Email' from us.

GoDaddy Manage DNS

Verify your contact details

Within the domain manager, make sure that your email address is correct. All other information should be updated after the transfer is completed (if need be). From the main Godaddy Screen (shown above), click on 'Domain Settings' and you'll see the screen below.


Prior to transferring, only update your email address so that you’ll receive your authorization code. Any changes to your name, address or phone number should be made AFTER the transfer is completed to Evolve Web Hosting. If you update more than your email address prior to transferring away from GoDaddy, they will place a 90 day lock on your domain name and restrict you from transferring it until then.

GoDaddy Update Whois Information

Disable privacy (if enabled)

Visit the GoDaddy website and click “login” to to get started. Once you’re logged in, you’ll want to open the domain manager.


If you do have domain privacy enabled, you will see this information displayed within your account:

GoDaddy Disabling Domain Privacy Protection

Obtain your Authorization Code (sometimes called an EPP code)

From inside the domain control panel at you can request that they email the authorization code to you. This is also required to enter when you submit the form to approve the transfer of your domain(s) to Evolve Hosting. From the main Godaddy page, click on 'Domain Settings' and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Unlock your domain

GoDaddy Transfer Code and Unlock

At this point, if you haven't already placed a transfer order with Evolve Hosting, please do so. These next 2 steps are the final actions to take AFTER you've placed an order with us to transfer.

Transfer Approval Email

After you have completed the steps above, email us at and we will initiate the actual transfer. You will receive an email asking you to enter your Authorization Code (if you didn't do this during checkout with us) and to approve the transfer AWAY from Godaddy.

After this step has been completed, you can wait 5-7 days to have Godaddy release your domain name to Evolve Hosting or you can speed it up and release it immediately.

How to Speed up the Transfer

Login to your Godadddy Account and click on 'Domains' from the top menu. In the Submenu, click on 'Transfers' and you'll see the screen shown below. The domain(s) you are transferring away will appear here and you can select the check boxe(s) and then click 'Authorize Transfer'. This action will immediately release your domain(s) from Godaddy and they will appear in your Evolve Hosting Account.

GoDaddy Accept Transfer

A Special Note About Transferring .uk and Domains to us
The .uk and domains use what is called a 'push transfer' process and they utilize what is called an IPS TAG. Before initiating a transfer of a .uk or domain, you must contact your current registrar and give them our IPS TAG which is PDR-IN Then you can submit an order to us to have your domain transferred.

If you need assistance, please submit a support ticket here

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