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How to Change SSL Validation Methods

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This article will walk you through the steps to change the validation method to one of three options: HTTP File, HTTPS File, DNS or Email

Please Note: If you are using eShield or any other CDN, you MUST change the Validation Method to DNS or Email to get your certificate issued.

To get started, login to the portal at

Next, go to Services > My Services and locate the SSL certificate you are looking to generate. Click 'Manage Product' off to the right.

On the next screen, scroll down and you will see the following options:


Click on 'Change Approval Method' and then you will be presented with the following screen:


DNS Option
If you choose the DNS option, there are 2 things to note:
1) The instructed DNS changes need to be made. If you need us to make the change, please open a support ticket that includes what the DNS values are
2) This change needs 30 - 60 minutes to propagate before Sectigo or Geotrust will pickup the change.

Email Option
This is the fastest and easiest way to get the validation finished. If one of the email addresses shown don't have an actual account created, you can create one long enough to get the validation email and the account can be deleted afterwards.
In the first image shown, you will also see there is an option to resend the validation email to the chosen email address if needed.

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