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Installing Wordpress

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Here is our recommendation for installing Wordpress on cPanel.

1) Download the latest version here: Wordpress Newest Version Download

2) Unzip the file locally and upload the files to your desired location. This is usually public_html/

3) Login to cPanel to create a database and username. You can read our tutorial here: How to Create a Database in cPanel

4) Write this information down or have it accessible to complete your Wordpress install

5) Open your favorite web browser and go to (replace with your actual domain) and follow the steps. You will be prompted for the following information:

a. Database Name: Use this format and replace the necessary information


b. Database Username: Use this format and replace the necessary information


c. Password: This is the password you created for the DB User. Make sure there are no typos or spaces or the install will fail

d. Database Host: This is always 'localhost' (without the single quotes)

e. Database Prefix: wp_ is the default and this is acceptable. Feel free to change it if you would like.

Once the install has completed, you'll see a success message and you'll be able to access the admin and front side of your website.

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