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MX Record

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MX Records are responsible for connecting your domain to your email server. Whether you use Webmail included with your hosting account, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace or any other mail provider, you have to have an MX record configured to point to it. Depending on your nameservers, you can manage your MX record and additional DNS records through our portal or your cPanel or DirectAdmin account.


The MX record may have multiple entries but it can only connect to a single mail server. For example, Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 use multiple MX Records. You can not point some of your email accounts to Micrsofot 365 for example and some to Google or webmail.

If your domains are registered with Evolve Hosting, you can look up your nameservers by logging in at and then go to Domains > My Domains and click on the row for the domain nameservers you want to check. On the next screen, click the link for Nameservers from the left side vertical menu.


Where to manage your A Record from

If your nameservers are set to:


Make sure you enable DNS Management under 'Addons' while you're logged into your acccount and on the Domains > My Domains page. Then you can manage your DNS from our portal. Your domain must be registered through us to use this option.


If you have a hosting plan from us and you are using the nameservers provided in your Welcome Email, you can manage your DNS through your DirectAdmin or cPanel control panel.


If you have a VPS (Virtual Private Server) from us, you will manage your DNS through WHM / cPanel or DirectAdmin


If your domain is registered elsewhere and you are using their custom nameservers, you will manage your DNS through that domain registrars portal.

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