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One Issue per Support Ticket

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In order to avoid confusion within support tickets, please open a separate support ticket for any additional concerns you may have. This will allow us to address your concerns more efficiently and it provides you with the ability to easily review all previously closed support tickets at a future date. It is also very easy for us to mix up the matter at hand when there is more than 1 thing going on within a given ticket.

Having more than one ticket open at a time is ok with us!

Some examples include:
If you have multiple domain names and need us to update the DNS for more than 1 domain, please open a separate ticket for each domain

If you have multiple servers and need us to make changes on each server, please open 1 ticket for each server. Each server has different login credentials and server configurations.

If you have multiple cPanel accounts, please open 1 ticket for each cPanel account in question

If you have questions about different SSL certificates, please open 1 ticket for each SSL certificate in question

If you have more than 1 Astra license and have questions about them, please open 1 ticket for each license / domain in question

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