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Placing a Domain Transfer Order

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Transferring a domain from another Registrar to Evolve Hosting is a fairly easy process, however, it does involve you taking a few steps with your current registrar to complete the process.

Domain Transfer orders can be place through our Account Portal found at

In order to initiate a transfer, you will need to provide your domain name along with the EPP / Transfer Code and pay the transfer fee.

In order to be transferred, three things need to be true:
1) The domain is not already expired
2) The domain was not registered within the last 60 days
3) The domain was not transferred to your current registrar within the last 60 days

If these three things are true, you will be able to transfer your domain(s) to Evolve with no issues.

If you need help figuring out where your EPP / Transfer code is located, please refer to these articles and find your current Domain Registrar. Details will be provided in the appropriate article.

Placing a Domain Transfer In Order

Once your order is placed, we will be sending an email to you asking for your approval of the transfer. Please make sure the following is completed prior to accepting this, or else the transfer will fail:
1) Unlock your domain
2) Remove Privacy Protection (if enabled)
3) Make sure ONLY the email address is up to date in the Whois Contact Information

A Special Note About Transferring .uk and Domains to us
The .uk and domains use what is called a 'push transfer' process and they utilize what is called an IPS TAG.
Before initiating a transfer of a .uk or domain, you must contact your current registrar and give them our IPS TAG which is PDR-IN Then you can submit an order to us to have your domain transferred.

You may also visit this link and find more detailed instruction on how to prepare your domain for transfer from specific Registrars:

If any other details are updated prior to the transfer, a 60 Day Hold will be put in place by ICANN further delaying your transfer. Any additional updates may be made after the transfer has completed.

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