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Preparing to Transfer Your cPanel Account to Evolve Hosting

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You've made the decision to leave your current host and transfer your cPanel account to Evolve Hosting. Congratulations!

This article will cover the steps for you to successfully migrate to our servers.

Details Transferred during a cPanel Migration

1) All website files (.html, .htm, .php, .tpl, etc)

2) All databases, database usernames and passwords

3) All email accounts, passwords and messages

4) All FTP accounts (usernames, passwords and settings)

5) All Softaculous scripts and settings

6) All Subdomains

7) All Add on Domains

8) All DNS Settings

Step 1

Login to your cPanel account (The cPanel account you're leaving at your current hosting provider).

Step 2

Find the icon for 'Backup' near the top of the screen and click it.

Step 3

Under the heading 'Full Backup', choose the option to 'Download a Full Website Backup'.

Step 4

On the next screen, you will be prompted to choose where to save the backup and if you want to be notified when it has completed. Choose the 'Home Directory' for the 'Backup Destination' and enter your email address to be notified once it's completed.

Creating a cPanel backup
Creating a cPanel backup
Creating a cPanel backup

Step 4

Submit a Support Ticket to our Technical Support Department letting us know that you have created the backup and provide us with your cPanel URL, username and password.

We will confirm that we've received your request and provide any additional details / questions within the support ticket to successfully complete the migration for you.

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