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New Paypal Features

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As of May 5, 2024 we have added new features to the Paypal Checkout Experience to make purchasing and renewing services even easier with us.


Now, you will see 2 Paypal Options: Paypal and Credit / Debit Cards (processed by Paypal)


The Paypal option now gives you the following options during checkout:

1) Pay using your Paypal balance

2) Create subscriptions for easy renewals

3) Pay with Venmo

4) Pay with Apple Pay

5) Pay with Google Pay

6) Optional Credit / Debit Card storage (using the Credit / Debit Card (processed by Paypal) option. Any card details are stored in your Paypal account and NOT visible with the Evolve portal.


The Credit / Debit Cards (processed by Paypal)

Unfortunately, we are required to offer this option in order to use the features of the regular Paypal checkout option. We know this is confusing and we do not recommend using it as your method of paying. Instead, choose the other Credit / Debit Card option.


Paypal is a great service and widely used. The only downfall is that their processing rates are extremely high. Because of this, we have to charge a 3.49% processing fee to you when using the Paypal option and a 2.99% processing fee if you use the Credit / Debit Card (processed by Paypal) option.


We have an eCheck (ACH) option and standard Credit / Debit Card processing options that we offer with ZERO processing fees.

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